November 30, 2022
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Punjab Govt to Restart PTI ‘Murghi Paal’ Scheme After Massive Success

LAHORE: A total of 300 sets of poultry forms will be distributed after Eidul Azha among the beneficiaries of the ‘Murghi Paal’ scheme, an initiative of the government which was briefly suspended by the current government and is now being resumed.

Initially sold for Rs1,050 per set, the price was revised to Rs1,130 and has now increased to Rs1,400. Moreover, the subsidy given on these sets has been slashed by 50 per cent and distribution among households has been halved.

Since the scheme’s inception three years ago, the Poultry Research Institute has distributed a total of 2.5 million chickens at the subsidised rate of Rs1,050 all over the province of Punjab.

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