How to Block Third-Party Apps From Accessing Your Google Account

The vulnerability index proliferates since our knowledge is up for grabs by functions and web sites that we work together with. The most uncovered amongst all is our Google account. Due to the interconnectedness with numerous companies, Google’s one-stop account is the first node to the nexus of functions.

As a consequence, the account is vulnerable to malicious threats, and the factor that acts as a portal to these vicious bugs and hacks are Third-party apps. In this text, we’ll let you know strategies to cease third-party functions from accessing your Google account.

delete access like this

  • If you use Android phone, first of all go to your phone’s settings.
  • After going to Settings, find the option of Google Account and click on it.
  • By coming here, you will get information about all your apps, on which you have logged in with Google Account. Now click on the app from which you want to remove Google access.
  • Go to the security section and click on third party app with account access and click on manage third party app access.
  • Now you will get information about those apps where you will login with Google Access, click on the one you want to come out from and access Remove.