Best Software companies in Pakistan

Searching for a software company to fulfil the challenging the role of managing your business’s software is a dispiriting task. Their main goal after education is to work with the Best IT companies in Pakistan because the financial benefits of the IT industry are related to our skill level. List of IT companies in Pakistan are grooming very fast as small IT houses are also working throughout Pakistan, But in this article, we will try to list the best IT companies in Pakistan to work for.

Best Software Companies

1. System Limited

Systems Limited is one of the most archaic you can say software companies in Pakistan which was founded in 1977. It’s among those organizations that everybody heard of in the early ’90s. Currently run by Chairman Aezaz Hussain and CEO Asif Peer.

2. NetSol

Netsol Software Company is located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is considered as one of the most popular IT Services provided in the worldwide and has maintained itself as the most reliable name in the industry. Netsol Software Company offers different services and expertise in fields of Software Quality Assurance, Software Project Management, Data Management, and Data Analysis. The company further offered products like Information security systems, data security frameworks as well as business and financial consultancy. The company has also launched its biggest NSPIRE project, in 2015.

3. Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies Software house is Pakistan’s biggest exporter of It Solutions as well as the popular offshore BPO solutions provider. The company has more than 670 highly skilled and trained employees. It offers worldwide arranged abilities with day in and day out help for all customers and operational groups and diverse completely joined best in class surplus offices with a qualified workforce helping clients in getting maintainable financially savvy business development.

4. 10Pearls

A software house in Pakistan that has made an impression locally and made a remarkable impact internationally in countries such as Canada, Columbia, the USA, and UAE is none other than 10Pearls. Known all over for its diverse employment culture and a firm grasp on all technological advancements, it has well-earned its reputation as an award-winning software house. Another notch in its belt is its recognition in the Inc.5000 list of the quickest growing companies in the USA.

5. Gaditek

Gaditek is a popular name when looking for solutions that arise with the rapidly evolving digital age. With so much competition remaining relevant is of the essence, and this is where Gaditek shines the most. This IT firm has retained its top position by achieving its objective to become the most hard-working and focusing on teaching others about the importance of being digitally savvy.

6. TRG Tech

A project of the Resource Group, TRG is the biggest supplier of BPO with four locations in Karachi and Lahore. These cities form the largest financial hub of Pakistan, making their location ideal for all your software solutions. Your search for experts with customized IT solutions stops here with TRG, helping you deal with framework consolidation, testing, plan advancement, and more.

7. Macrosoft

Macrosoft is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Macrosoft is the best software company that provides services of professional & experienced members, software designing and software development. The Company provides complete technical support along with technical consultancy. Macrosoft software house worked on several IT and Software Projects. The main aim of Macrosoft Company is to provides effective and innovative IT and Software Solutions to the clients.

8. KalSoft

KalSoft is an exceptional name in the IT Industry that has been synonymous with brilliance and experience. Set up in 1999, it has progressed inside a constrained limit of time to get a significant change in the market field through its particular scope of things and organizations. KalSoft has the aptitude to give the best IT courses of action that empower associations to get computerization and control of their work frames by the usage of their different arrangements and things.

9. Techlogix

Techlogix is an IT Company specialties in consolidation solutions, business finesse, client relationship, endeavor store game plan, and intranet-based digitization Solutions. Set up in 1996, Techlogix utilizes more than 250 workforces, with workplaces in the US, China, and Pakistan. Techlogix works cooperatively with customer’s stimulation complex to adjust activities that conveying genuine incentives in brief periods of 12 to 16 months in fixed-cost, fixed-time commitment.

10. Q-Soft Technologies

Q-Soft Technologies is an excellent programming consultancy firm working both across the nation and furthermore globally under the supervision of experienced specialists having a decent knowledge of IT consultancy and programming improvement. Their primary goal is to the clients who use their products and services. They are focused on helping their clients be effective and thrive in a dynamic and consistently unveiling business condition.

11. Zepto Systems

Zepto Systems is a group of industry specialists with long periods of involvement in the IT business. They accept that each customer merits an equivalent measure of consideration, regardless of their business size and industry. They also believe that each business, regardless of their size and assets, must to have an equivalent chance of contending with their competitors.

12. iTech Avengers

Another impressive name in leading software houses is iTech Avengers. Standing tall amongst all other software houses with their innovating strategies for software development. Everyone wants to give their website development, website designs, e-commerce a makeover: if you want something authentic and original, then these are your guys.