Amazon Will shut down Alexa.com SEO Tool Next Year

NEW YORK: Amazon is shutting down Alexa SEO Tool next year, a service that has provided web traffic analysis for more than two decades.

US-based e-commerce website Amazon launched the Alexa.com SEO Tool feature as a website ranking service in 1996 which is a paid subscription service with detailed SEO analytics and insights.

Amazon has announced that it will be shutting down its SEO Tool Alexa.com on 1 May 2022, twenty-five years after its inception. This service offers a paid subscription with SEO research and analytics tools will eventually stop providing website statistics and rankings in May 2022. Amazon said that the API of this service might also be turned off by the company in December 2022 after Alexa Internet is shut down. However, Amazon will allow its users to back up their Alexa internet data before the service closes for good.

One thing must be noted that Amazon is only shutting down Alexa.com, the SEO and Web Ranking Tool, not the popular voice assistant, which is also known as Alexa.